Fake 'Obama' shocks Cuban public at the Havana Biennial

He later clarified that he did not foresee a trip in the near future and that he did not know if Obama would get to visit the island before he left office.

However locals in Havana were amazed when a man who looked like the US president walked into a bar and ordered a mojito. He then left the bar and walked around the streets of the city, much to the surprise of people sitting out on their doorsteps.

Of course it wasnt really Obama, but Cuban performance artist René Francisco Rodríguez, who bears a striking resemblance to the US president. He further enhanced the resemblance by adopting Obamas greying closely cropped hair and wearing a sharp suit.

The stunt was filmed 23 May for his video art piece Entropia, which is on show at the 12th Havana Biennial.

This years event started on 24 May – the day after the US and Cuba began a fourth round of talks aimed at overcoming obstacles to opening embassies in each others capitals on the road to re-establishing diplomatic ties. The talks failed, but officials said they were able to make significant progress.

link to report in The Telegraph

Rene Francisco Rodriguez received Cuba's prestigious National Artist Award of the year for 2014.

Watch a video of Rene Francisco's performance as Obama here