Cuban artists participating in the Venice Art Biennial this year

The artist to participate in such event are Grethell Rasúa, Luis Gómez, Susana Pilar Delhante y la pareja de artistas Celia and Yunior who bet for express problems the human beings face in this global area under percepts coming from the commitment with their reality, the questioning and investigation. While delving into the works traveling to Venice we see a selection responding the artist as individual because as Jorge Fernández, the exhibition curator, said: "We always see the Cuban artist from the rawness, emotions and drama existing in the context, but we must not lose sight the fact that everything starts from the artist´s individuality ".

So, delving into the pieces representing Cuba in Venice gives us an idea of their concerns about the art, the context surrounding them and the artist as principal figure of the work.

De la permanencia y otras necesidades (2014) is the title of the work by Grethell Rasúa. She graduated from the San Alejandro School Plastic Arts and subsequently from the Art Institute. Grethell works now as a professor at the San Alejandro Academy. Her work De la permanencia y otras necesidades will be located in Venice as an installation. It had been created for the first time as a performance live at the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana. For five minutes, the artist licked a cactus with pleasure and her action was played on a large screen. For this time, the artist showed on two screens the experience of what happened in the Musuem of Fine Arts and what happened in Factoria Havana, a site in which she also exhibited, but in this case, with the intention to see the reaction of the public. Rasua tries to express through her work how the human being has to face hurtful things and overcome them, from the conception that the human being has to be stronger before these kinds of challenges.

On the other part, the work made by creators Celia and Yunior is very different. This work titled Apuntes en el hielo (2012) was seen for the first time during the 11th Havana Biennial. Celia and Yunior also graduated from San Alejandro Academy and complete their studies at the High Institute of Art (ISA, after its initials in Spanish). With this work, the creators try to draw attention to the number of research papers and thesis that are carried out each year in all universities in Cuba and then they are piled anywhere without socializing their results in favor of the society. So, the couple made a selection of dissertations which have not had practical application in the sociology degree of the University of Havana in order to establish a conceptual way of how the knowledge and the lack of will are stigmatized regarding to the creation of spaces for socializing these results, which sometimes, reveal conflicts hidden in everyday life. So, on the amount of paper used for those badly used thesis, they used bars accompanied by a video in which they published the names and dates of the authors of such works in the period from 2001 to 2011 when the the investigation was made.

For Susana Pilar Delhante, this is her second trip to Venice, although she made the first one through an INTERNET platform. Her second project to be exhibited in Venice was created from 2012. She also graduated from San Alejandro and subsequently the ISA. Susana Pilar studied in the center for art and the media, in Germany and she is currently Professor at the digital Art and new media department, in San Alejandro Academy.

Luis Gómez's work titled La Revolución soy yo establishes a thesis about the power relations establishing in the art and not necessarily in the artistic production. His work consists of panels in which half a million cards by himself are hung and it tries to draw attention to edges of the art market that show how the artist become popular and how the exclusion is given by silence, in some cases.

These four works reflect the contemporary Cuban art and the art as a space of resistance. They bet for smart ideas. The most current Cuban art is present in the oldest biennial in the world from May 8 until the end of 2015 as an expression of the trends and concerns of the Cuban creators.

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