The Ambush, new Cuban film on the line between life and death

Produced by ICAIC(Cuba's national film institute), the film features stellar performances from experienced Patricio Wood, who shares the lead role with young actors Tomás Cao, Caleb Casas and Armando M. Gómez.Shot in Cuba during 2012, the movie tells the personal stories of four soldiers who escape from an ambush, and who in an attempt to survive, begin to unravel, beginning with an extreme distressing situation, which provokes unexpected behaviour.

Gil, with a wide track record as a filmmaker, said in a press conference in Cuba that this is a work which happens in three dramatic times, structured to travel through the stories of each character and to recreate them at a conceptual level by interlinking experiences and feelings.

The emotional aim of the casting was to create a family of actors which reflect their links as people and between each of the stories in which they appeared, he said.

In this way what resulted is not a war film, rather a film to show the fears and hidden truths behind war, and also a like a homage to the families of soldiers, who fought fierce battles and experiences in the home.

In his view, Patricio Wood, indicated ‘The Ambush' is a feature film which gives you no time to breathe and is realistic, so it demanded strong work at the moment of characterising feelings and personal realities.

This is why war universally favours fragility towards the theme of life and death, said the actor, who also praised an excellent script written by Ernesto Daranas (‘Conducta') and Ania Molina.

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