Ice Rink to be installed in Havana during Art Biennial

The artist noted that the rink, set to be built more exactly on the corner of Belascoaín and Malecón Streets, will have 8.5 by 25 meters and be made by sheets of an ice-like material that doesn't melt with heat. Riley added that the installation will be operating during the Biennial and will serve to hold events, such as hockey and a disco with 200 pairs of ice-skates available for children and adults.

The artist conducted research on some of the ice-skating rink that existed in Havana before the Revolution, saying that this maybe an absurd or surrealistic project for Havana but would serve for people to interact with works of art in public spaces.

In 2014 Riley made another installation called Trading with the Enemy, consisting of a flock of 50 pigeons flying from Havana to Key West, making fun of the so called "Trading with the Enemy Act". The birds had harnesses carrying Cohiba Havana cigars and light video cameras that gave testimony of the entire flight. The New York artist is considered one of Brooklyn's best pigeon raisers.

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