Snow in Havana – a US-Cuba young artists project

With that in mind, the ‘La Madriguera' gallery of the Casa del Joven Creador de La Habana (Young Creators' House) in Havana presented a project from 20-23 March which, under the name ‘Avalanche' brings the work of Madeline Brown, Nick Nelson (USA), Jorge Pablo Lima, Victor Piverno, Fidel J Castro and Dayana Trigo (Cuba).

The show consisted of video installation, environmental art and performance. Snow brought from Wisconsin is used in several works presented to the public, including interaction with it.North American artist Madeline Brown developed the project where the artworks were built in situ in the gallery and the public could watch the videos of the process and also see other angles of the works which were not only about the materials from which they were made.

The idea and interest in snow as a catalyst was one of the motives for the North American artists becoming linked with the young Cuban artists. Through it came various meanings: a way of looking at the utopia of the individual Cuban, a metaphor for the impossible, interaction of art with a public that is not familiar with the intricate paths of conceptualism or action art.

‘Avalanche' enables an exchange with art from abroad, the interested viewer and the outsider aspect of the reading. Art has the ability to modify our utopias, convert them into text and bring them to life.

The Casa del Joven Creador de La Habana is supported by the Hermanos Saiz Association, a nationally funded organisation in Cuba which supports arts and cultural projects by young artists, performers, musicians, cultural researchers across the island.

Link to original report (in Spanish) on Hermanos Saiz website here