Competition: Win a book of Cuban Women's Short Stories: 'Making a Scene'

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Deadline 21 March 2015.

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More about the book:

Making a Scene is a beautiful collection of short stories celebrating Cuban women writers' fiction. A bilingual edition (English and Spanish texts alongside each other) it features an extraordinary range of narratives, styles and techniques. There are moving stories about old age such as Aida Bahr's "Not Quite Perfect" (Imperfecciones) and Aymara Aymerich's "The Woman, The Mirror and the Column" (La mujerdel espejo de la columna) to Ana Luz Garcia's magical "The Guests" (Los convidados). Several of the collections short stories centre on the 1990's in Cuba. A period known as the "special period", when Cuba's economy crashed owing to the collapse of the Soviet Union causing severe food shortages on the Island. It was women in their kitchens that fought a daily war to keep the body and soul together of their families.

Other authors in this rich, robust and at times wryly humorous collection include:

Esther Díaz Llanillo, María Elena Llana, Josefina de Diego and Marilyn Bobes to name but a few of the great writers captured here.

First published by Mango Press in 2004.