UNESCO Acknowledges Preservation of Heritage in Santiago de Cuba

He asserted that the city is a pioneer within that world organization because it carries out a comprehensive program that covers many spheres, including underwater treasures, with notable creativity in the visual arts and a notion of unity and local development.

Brugman referred to the priority given to women and youngsters as well as to the most vulnerable population segments, mainly after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy a little over two years ago.

The UNESCO official pointed out that the celebration in July of the 500th anniversary of the founding of the villa is an opportunity to appreciate the past as an encouragement for present and future, with actions that go beyond what is merely historic to favor the development of society.

Considered to be a monument collection by the Curator's Office, the city keeps significant places of Cuba's heritage -from the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery with the tomb of the National Hero to the first metropolitan cathedral and one of the oldest houses in Latin America.

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