Cuban film Conducta reaps more awards

The closure of the Latin American film feast in Havana was hosted by versatile Cuban actress Laura de la Uz, accompanied by actor Caleb Casas. One of the most waited for awards each year is the Coral granted by the public with their votes. This time it was given to the Vestido de novia, a film by Marilyn Solaya that also received an Honorable Mention in the First Film category.

In January 2015, Alina Rodríguez and Silvia Águila, actresses of the Cuban prize-winning film Conducta (Ernesto Daranas, 2014), were given prizes by The Association of Latin Entertainment Critics of New York for being among the best actresses of cinema and television in 2014.

The organization founded 48 years ago and considered to be the doyen of journalistic institutions of the Hispanic artistic sector in the United States, announced that Alina Rodríguez was selected Best Actress of the Year, while Silvia Águila won in the category of Best Supporting Actress, ACN reported.

In the awards ceremony, scheduled for March 30 at the Kaufman Center of Manhattan, Cuban singer and actress Rosita Fornes will be honored for her more than 70 years of artistic career, among other personalities.

In addition, a special award will be given that same evening -outside the competition- to the film Conducta (Cuba) for highlighting values and contribute to increase awareness on children's rights around the world.

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