Great films from and about Cuba in the London Latin American Film Festival from today

14 November 2014 – 23 November 2014

This 24th edition of the annual festival promises great movies from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, UK and so on plus excellent contributions from various film schools from across Latin America, Caribbean and London. As always it will be hosting special events, exhibitions and parties.

Films from and about Cuba to be screened include:

DAY OF THE FLOWERS – Thurs 20 November 6.30pm Curzon, Victoria

Extra screening Saturday 22 November 3pm Curzon, Victoria

2013 Cuban/UK co-production directed by John Robert featuring Carlos Acosta.

Renowned dancer Carlos Acosta gives a sizzling performance in this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from BAFTA award-winning director, John Roberts.

Two quarrelsome sisters must overcome their differences as they journey to Cuba to uncover the mysteries of their family's past. But arriving in Havana, their plans soon go awry as they encounter romance and danger, in what will become a holiday they will never forget.

THEY ARE WE – Fri 21 November 3pm UCL Institute of the Americas

Dir. Emma Christopher, Cuba/Sierra Leona/Australia, 2014, 78 min, colour, English subtitles. Documentary.

In Perico, Cuba, a local group has preserved the songs and dances that, long ago, were brought aboard a slave ship by their ancestor (known only as ‘Josefa'). In this way, they have kept alive the Afro-Cuban heritage of their community, throughout a long history of slavery, poverty, and repression. Years of painstaking research finally led filmmaker Emma Christopher to a remote village in Sierra Leone. There, people watching a recording of the Cubans' ceremonies, joyously declared, "They are we!" and started to join in with the songs. Preparations then began, to welcome home their long lost cousins, with the biggest festival in the history of the village.

LA MUERTE DEL GATO – Sun 23 November 5.30pm Bolivar Hall

Dir. Lilo Vilaplana. Cuba / Colombia, 2014, 24 min, colour, English subtitles. Cast: Jorge Perugorria, Alberto Pujol, Barbaro MarinIn Cuba, during the ‘Periodo Especial' of 1989, three friends, Raul, Camilo and Armando, driven to desperate measures by the economic crisis, hatch a plan to kill the neighbour's cat for meat.

MAREA / TIDES – Sun 23 November 5.30pm Bolivar Hall

Dir. Adam Breier, Cuba, 2013, 15 min, colour, English subtitles. Cast: Yaite Ruiz, Marco Canizares, Carlos Solar, Juan F. CarrenoCamelia plans a trip to the beach, to celebrate her son Angel's birthday. However, upset by the unexpected disappearance of his father, Angel runs away, and Camelia begins a search that will force her to confront the fragility of her family.

HOMBRES DE COCODRILOS – Sunday 23 November 7.30pm Bolivar Hall

Dir. Livan Magdaleno, Cuba, 2013. 46 min, colour, English subtitles. documentary

At the very southern tip of Matanzas province in the central region of Cuba, and just thirty eight kilometers from the infamous Bay of Pigs, is to be found the village of Cocodrilos. Here, where, the adverse natural conditions cry against any form of human habitation, its people have long fought against the elements with patience and dignity, struggling to survive in a precarious economic situation.

TENGO TALENTO – Cuban Dance Folklore – Sunday 23 November 7.30pm Bolivar Hall

Dir. Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi, Cuba/USA, 2014, 33 min. colour, English subtitles

TENGO TALENTO: Jennyselt Galata of Yoruba Andabo & Sailen (Afro Cuban Folklore):

Jennyselt is a dancer of Afro-Cuban Folklore, who enjoys an international reputation as well as enormous prestige within Cuba itself. She is currently dancing with the group Yoruba Andabo, and is on the lookout for a successor with the talent and commitment necessary to carry the traditions of Afro-Cuban dance culture forward into the future. Jennyselt takes us to Juanelo (a part of Havana rarely seen by tourists), and a community project that works to cultivate the skills and ambitions of the next generation of dancers. Will she find a youngster there, to whom she can pass on her legacy?

TENGO TALENTO: Yrak of Doble Filo & Darwin of Golpe Seko (Cuban Hip Hop):

World renowned rapper Yrak Saens (one half of the group Doble Filo, and a pioneer of Cuban Rap) takes to the streets to look for the next generation in Cuban Hip Hop. Travel with him, on the road from Havana to Santiago in his search for up and coming stars.

TENGO TALENTO: Julio Padrón and El Niño Jesus (Cuban Jazz):

Julito Padrón, one of the most outstanding trumpeters in Cuba, introduces us to a young man who, at only 15 years of age, is the master of a spectacular sound that promises to propel him to the heights of fame.

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