Never Ever Neverland – the real story of the Peter Pan Operation – new Cuban documentary

"Never ever Neverland" returns to the subject of the 'Peter Pan Operation', analyzing the phenomenon from its context, those who participated in it and the countries involved.

Never Ever Neverland is based on the testimonies of several people who address their complex circumstances.

Marina Ochoa is a journalist and sociologist who has been immersed many years in the world of cinema and the role of women in it.

"My interest was to tell the real story, not just the consequences of the event as I did in my previous foray on the subject, but its origins, because there is much misinformation and ignorance about this unfortunate event. Many are confused and very few understand what really happened. My research lasted nine months and the edit was very difficult. I had many statements as I contacted everyone who had information to contribute", the filmmaker said.

"(…) it is one of the chapters in our history which most damaged the Cuban family. The first one which caused a terrible chaos in the spiritual and emotional lives of Cuban parents (…) ", said Marina Ochoa in 2012, when she was still in the editing process.

The experience in Venezuela, where the filmmaker and her team had intense days of filming, Ochoa said: "we went through many interesting situations. In Venezuela, for example, we found one of the priests who left Cuba in the early years of the revolution. Now he is a follower of Chavez and has played an important role in the failure of an attempt of the operation like that of 'Peter Pan'".

"Never ever Neverland" premiered on October 21st, in Havana, and has gone on general release at the major cinemas around the country.

For the director, it has been a personal journey too. She told OnCuba:

"I have been closely related to this issue because I experienced it firsthand, in my family, in my house. Frank, my younger brother, was one of those children who immigrated to the United States and I never saw him again. I dedicate this film to him, and also to all those children who were also separated from their parents and family".

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