Silvio Rodriguez takes his music again to the neighbourhoods (+video trailer)

The community of San Antonio and Havana's Park of Santa Amalia will be the scenarios chosen by the author of "Ojalá" to resume his so-called "endless tour", started four years ago in La Corbata.

This way he will reach 60 concerts with this initiative, whose two first years were narrated by the director Alejandro Ramírez in his documentary "Canción de Barrio", premiered yesterday in the movie theater Chaplin in the Cuban capital.

The material was widely applauded, especially because it captured the feelings that Silvio's performances aroused in the people of neighborhoods -the true protagonists of the documentary.

The documentary covers two years and 34 concerts, from 9 September 2010 to 9 September 2012, and one of its virtues is showing a Havana that seems to be hidden, but that it is there every day.

"People may say they like it, that it is good, but they told me that I did an important documentary for this moment, and that means a lot to me", said Ramírez after the premiere.

In a previous conversation with Prensa Latina, the young filmmaker confessed that he expected a social impact, at least to prevent that these neighborhoods be forgotten once again.

"There was an intention to follow up these concerts, but it did not work. Hopefully the documentary will contribute to keep remembering these people", he claimed.

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See trailer for the documentary 'Cancion de Barrio' below