Cuba unveils its first 3D animation movie, Menique + watch the trailer

Julio Casal, director of the Spanish company Ficcion Producciones, said the film will be also shown in France, South Korea, Germany, and many Middle East countries.

An alternative copy of the film will be premiered in Spain, dubbed by actors from that country and with "a more universal script, and a little less local custom," Casal stated. While many actors of the original version defended the Cuban-ness of dialogues and situations in the movie, such adaptations are used to rid the film of localism that made it incomprehensible.

The plot is itself, a free version of the adaptation Cuban poet Jose Marti did of the short story Pulgarcito (Tom Thumb), a work by French writer Edouard Laboulaye.

The film tells the story of a young farmer of medium size who is involved in an adventure to win the hand of Princess Denise, with the principle that "knowledge is stronger than force."

Directed and written by Ernesto Padron, the film is a co-production between Animation Studios of the Cuban Film Institute.

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Watch the trailer for Menique below