Exhibition of Cuban Art coming up in Yorkshire

16th October – 24th November 2013

Creation Fine Arts gallery in Beverley is pleased to announce a forthcoming exhibition offering viewers a groundbreaking display of specially selected works by leading Cuban artists. Beyond the Frame: Contemporary Cuban Art achieved great success in London and Glasgow where it was originally staged, and this visiting exhibition features a selection of art from the show created by internationally acclaimed Cuban artists, including Eduardo Roca Salazar ('Choco') and Luis Enrique Camejo Vento.

Offering a snapshot of an engaging and eclectic art scene, Beyond the Frame provides thought-provoking images of Cuban cultural identity, myth, society and politics. The works include paintings, prints and drawings alongside the use of found materials.

The range and calibre of the contributing artists has been ensured through a close working partnership with the National Council of Visual Arts in Havana. Highlights include the contribution by 'Choco' who has selected a highly textured human figure in the collographic technique that has contributed to his international reputation. Amongst a new generation of exhibiting artists is Luis Camejo. This widely exhibited artist works in a single colour wash and cites the influence of film and photography on his form and technique. Prints for sale include the photographic work of Liudmila Ivella Velasco and Nelson Ramirez de Arellano, a husband-and-wife team who exhibited in the 2013 Venice Biennale.

Beyond the Frame has high profile patrons from the cultural, legal and political worlds including Turner prize winner Richard Deacon who sees the exhibition as '… another important chance to taste the vibrancy of the Cuban contemporary art scene.' This appreciation of Cuba's art has ensured it is increasingly acknowledged in the international art world.

The exhibition is being staged to give viewers both the opportunity to explore and enjoy Cuba's rich cultural life, but also draw attention to the case of the Miami Five, five Cubans unjustly imprisoned in the United States for 14 years. This case is supported by Amnesty International, the UN Commission on Human Rights and prominent individuals including eleven Nobel Prize winners. The exhibition is a not-for-profit event. All artists have donated their work and Creation Fine Arts has generously proposed that any income from sales will go to the Cuba Solidarity Campaign's ongoing work to achieve justice for the Miami Five.

Further information on Beyond the Frame at http://www.cubanartgallery.co.ukand on the Miami Five at http://www.cuba-solidarity.org.uk/miami5

The show runs at Creation Fine Arts, 7 North Bar Within, Beverley HU17 8AP from 16th October until 23rd November 2013. Enquiries to 01482 868884 or nigel@creationfinearts.co.uk


Beyond the Frame: Contemporary Cuban Art is being organised in collaboration with the National Council of Visual Arts, Havana and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, London.

Cuban artists exhibiting:

Juan Vicente Rodríguez Bonachea:Bonachea, who passed away just last year, was a painter, illustrator and engraver. He has illustrated more than ten books. His paintings often seem to be of another world, containing a sense of magic. He has exhibited in Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Switzerland.

Luis Enrique Camejo Vento:Camejo is an artist with a growing international standing. He captures the dynamics of the urban environment in paintings that often resemble a still frame from a film. His work is held in private collections in North and South America and numerous European countries.

Manuel Comas Labrada:Comas, as this artist is known as, has exhibited in Spain, the US, Nicaragua, Ireland and London.His work is held in private collections in the US, Europe and Latin America.

Nelson Dominguez Cedeño:This distinguished Cuban artist is a painter, engraver, ceramist and prominent visual artist. He combines a variety of techniques using clay, glass, wood, metal, paper and fabric to convey his message.

Sandor González Vilar:González Vilar was a founding member of the 'Martha Machado' artists' brigade (2008-2010)established to take art to areas devastated by the 2008 hurricanes. His black and white drawings often have recurring images of floating cities, burning towers, ghostly inhabitants and imaginaryarchitecture. He has had over 70 solo and group shows in Cuba and abroad.

William Hernández Silva:Hernandez Silva is a painter, printmaker and sculptor. He combines events, images and features from bygone historical styles with contemporary ones. He is represented by the International Gallery, Washington DC and has exhibited in over 150 shows, worldwide.

Rigoberto Mena Santana:Mena is one of Cuba's foremost abstract artists. Thick strokes of ink and intense colour bring expressive power to his work. He has exhibited worldwide, including in a major exhibition in London as part of the cultural element to the 2012 Olympics..

Eduardo Roca Salazar (Choco):Choco is an eminent and remarkable engraver affiliated with the new figurative art movement. He focuses on the faces of peasants and Afro-Cuban women. He has received multiple awards for his'collagraphy' technique. Included in this exhibition is an example of his collagraphic work but also limited edition, signed prints of the head of an Angolan woman. Choco is one of the thousands of Cubans who became volunteer soldiers in Angola during the Angolan struggle for independence.

Liudmila Ivella Velasco and Nelson Ramírez de Arellano:These artists, who use photography in their creative activity, are a husband-and-wife team. Their work exhibited in the recent Venice Biennial. Available in the exhibition are unframed prints of their photographic work 'Absolut Revolution' which depicts Havana's famous José Martí Tower in Revolution Square emerging from the sea.

Also see details at http://www.cuba50.org/?page=Whats_On_Page&link=689