4 million books go on sale at Havana's International book fair

This year it is dedicated to Angola and the 160th anniversary of the birth of Cuban national hero Jose Marti (1853-1895), and will host some 200 writers from 32 countries, including Mario Delgado Aparain (Uruguay), Carlos Lucarevi (Italy) Vicente Battista (Argentina) and Paco Ignacio Tabio II (Spain-Mexico). The Fair will also pay tribute to historian Pedro Pablo Rodriguez, National Social Science Prizewinner.

More than 50 books are dedicated to Angola, 18 of them by authors from that African nation, with which the Cuban Book Institute will sign a cooperation agreement.

Uruguayan-Cuban novelist Daniel Chavarria (Cuban National Literature Prizewinner), one of the writers to whom the fair is also dedicated, writes mystery thrillers and claims to be the living writer whose fiction books have been stolen the most from the national network of public libraries.

Also attending will be more than 140 exhibitors from 31 nations, who will show over 1,000 new titles, with more than 4 million books on sale, in the traditional venue of the Morro-Cabaña cultural complex, across the Bay of Havana plus the Pabellon Cuba and new venues, the Casa de la Africa and the Casa de Poesia.

President of the Cuban Book Institute, Zuleika Romay Guerra, announced at the press conference that 1,009 titles would be coming onto the market (four and a half million books). The total will reach five million books including those already circulating, though these probably won't satisfy domestic demand. It was also announced that there will be fewer social science texts and more fiction, children's and popular science – a common shortage in Cuba.

Part of the Book Fair will be available on the internet (http://justin.tv/feriadellibrocuba) and followed on Twitter with # FILCuba2013.

sources: www.plenglish.com & www.havanatimes.org