There is Religious Freedom in Cuba, Says Episcopal Bishop

"We consider Cuba a living proof to the world regarding religious freedom," said Murray.

The Panamanian episcopal bishop's remarks were made after President of the Council of Churches of Cuba, Joel Ortega, released a document denouncing the US government, which froze 101,000 USD of CLAI funds which were deposited in a branch of an Ecuadorian bank in Miami.

The funds had been allocated for the accommodation and food expenses of delegates to a meeting scheduled for February 19-24, according to the text.

The only reason is that Cuba is the venue, said the document, which called on Cuban churches to mobilize in a campaign to collect funds and support the holding of the meeting.

In view of the US harassment, we also appeal to international solidarity of Christian churches and agencies with which we maintain fraternal relations, said the statement.

The position of the US Government is ethically unacceptable, said Ortega, who noted that the United States proclaims itself as an example of religious freedom worldwide, but limits the development of the Cuban ecumenical movement.

CLAI has again verified for itself what the US economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba for over fifty years mean, said Ortega.

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