The guitar to be celebrated in Cubadisco 2012 festival

Veneration for string instruments and especially the guitar will be the focus of this year's edition of CUBADISCO, an event that promotes Cuban musical production.

Francisco Repilado, better known as Compay Segundo, achieved international fame in 1997 with his participation in the Buena Vista Social Club album, by way of which he won several Grammy awards.

His song Chan Chan became an anthological piece of Cuban music, and today it's performed in the farthest corners of the world.

For this reason, the 16th International Festival CUBADISCO 2012, scheduled for May 19th through the 27th, will honor that figure, which, undoubtedly, is a well-deserved choice.

Repilado began his musical career while still very young, in the 1930s, a period in which he composed his first pieces and was part of artistic groups in his hometown, eastern Santiago de Cuba city, like the Trovadores Orientales and Hatuey quartets, and he was also lead singer of the Miguel Matamoros Group.

In 1948, he founded, along with Lorenzo Hierrezuelo, the legendary Los Compadres duo, in which Repilado was second voice and adopted the nickname of Compay Segundo that accompanied him until the end of his life.

Los Compadres enjoyed popularity until 1955, when Reinaldo Hierrezuelo, Lorenzo's brother, replaced Repilado, who in turn created a new group called "Compay Segundo and his boys."

He achieved international fame with the Buena Vista Social Club. In the last years of his life he performed for millions of people and recorded nine albums. His most important song is undoubtedly Chan Chan, the most popular version of which includes a musical arrangement based on the güiro.

The upcoming International Fair CUBADISCO includes recognition of the value of the guitar, above all as an accompanying instrument -a way of playing that is gradually lost.

Leo Brouwer, considered among the best living guitarists in the world, will be the event's Honorary President, and the work of other great maestros of that instrument, like Ñico Rojas and Vicente González Rubiera (Guyún), will also be acknowledged.

CUBADISCO is the most important event of the Cuban music industry. Since its first edition in 1997, it became a space to exhibit the main achievements of Cuban Music, to which other nations and foreign companies have gradually joined.

Representatives of labels from Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico and Panama have already confirmed their attendance to the Festival.

The premiere of the National Competition of the Guitar for Vocal Accompaniment, in which both interpreters and artistic education students can participate, will be among the main attractions of this upcoming edition of CUBADISCO.

Also scheduled has been an international symposium dedicated to reflection and discussion, with the participation of theoreticians, creators and music executives to talk about the guitar, its origin and significance.

The occasion will be conducive to call upon the academy to strengthen the teaching of popular guitar and not just concentrate its efforts on the classical.

In addition, organized by the Iberian-American Center of the Ten-Syllable Verses, CUBADISCO will host the 2nd International Championship of Impromptu Performance, chaired by Cuban Alexis Diaz Pimienta.

Beyond the possibility of acquiring a new CD for your collection, concerts are the main attraction for the general public, in which great Cuban music figures will be sharing their art with the audience in a real music fiesta.

Eagerly awaited are the performances of Compay Segundo's group with the National Symphony Orchestra and the Ars Longa early music ensemble.

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