Cuban Specialists Analyze Expanding Use Solar Energy Systems

The director of the Solar Power Research Center, Ruben Ramos, told ACN the island has the technology required to lead a technical evaluation of the fundamental parameters of the central, thus, to make an efficient use of the renewable sources.

Made up of 30 solar panel modules with a 7.5 kilowatt power tops on its first stage, the system can produce between 35 and 40 kilowatt/h a day, meeting part of the energy demand of the center where it is located.

Having no previous studies being held in Cuba, the facility is fitted out with equipment to measure the performance of the panels and automatic systems for retrieving data that helps determine the amount of CO2 that is not released into the atmosphere and the power generated.

Ramos said specialists, including researchers from the institution and local scientists, are evaluating the efficiency and sustainability of the newly set-up solar system taking into account the Cuban climate, the combination of high temperature, sunlight and relative humidity.

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