Havana International Book Fair to open next week

"Reading is growing" is the slogan of the 2012 edition of this annual event, which will also commemorate the bicentenary of the rebellion led by Jose Antonio Aponte against the Spanish colonial power on the island, and the centennial of the armed uprising of the members of the Independent Party of Color.

The Fair will be dedicated to Cuban authors Zoila Lapique, 2002 National Social Sciences Prize winner, and Ambrosio Fornet, who won the national prizes of Literature (2009) and Edition (2000).

Ecuador will have a prominent space in this fiesta of literature and books, sending a delegation of writers and artists to participate.

The event will run until March 4 in various provinces, during which a tribute to the Caribbean peoples -'different cultures with a shared history'- will be paid.

From original report at www.ain.cu