Review and interviews at Dia de la Cultura Cubana Fiesta in London

The event was jointly organised by Cuba Solidarity Campaign and CubaArtista and featured amazing Cuban food and Havana Club cocktails served up by the folk from bar Buena Vista.

The crowd packed the dance floor throughout the night and when the evening ended everyone made it clear they would be back again next year.

Listen to this Audio from the Dia de la Cultura Cubana night at Conway Hall, London, on 22 October 2011, including interviews with Esther Armenteros, Cuban Ambassador, and Rob Miller, Cuba Solidarity Campaign Director, Cuban singer Yuri Moreno and others. The event – attended by over 500 people – featured musicians including Omar Puente & Raices Cubanas and was organised by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, CubArtista and the Cuban Embassy.

The audio track was produced by Rhianne Boland and Sam Lovell ( and the visuals includes photos from various Cuba50 events across London in the last few years.