Cuba Moves Up in Human Development Ranking

Norway is at the top of the list, followed by Australia, Holland, and the United States; whereas the Democratic Republic of Congo is at the bottom.

In 2011, the report focused on the challenge to achieve sustainable and equitable progress so that people, communities and nations are supportive of each other.

The Human Development Rate (HDR) is based on three indicators: long and healthy life (assessed according to life expectancy rates at birth); education (according to adult's literacy rates and enrolment rates in primary, secondary, and higher education); and decent living styles (according to the GDP per capita).

The director of the HDR Office, Khalid Malik, recently told the press in Havana that the latter indicator takes into account the GDP but it is not the main aspect of analysis because they seriously consider health and education.

That's the reason why, leaving aside the economic HDR, UNDP marks Cuba as the only nation, among ten, in Latin America that shows the best results during the last decade, with an increase of two years as to life expectancy and five in terms of instruction and education.

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