U.S. Academic Protests Travel Restrictions to Cuba

The American professor said Washington has maintained -and in some caseshardened- the regulations established by former president George W. Bush.

Masud Piloto this adds to conditions recently imposed by the DePaul University, which prohibited any contact with relatives in Cuba, demands travelers to Cuba to show expenses receipts and to meet with University's lawyers before and after the trip, among regulations.

In welcoming participants to the event, Casa de las Americas president Roberto Fernandez Retamar said he could have been one of the 25 million Latinos currently living in the U.S., as in 1957 he traveled to that country to work as a professor at the University of Yale and he in 1959 he had been hired by the University of Columbia, but when the Revolutiontriumphed he decided to return Cuba, he noted.

The Colloquium is attended by 17 delegates of Latin American precedence,born in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

Roberto Aja, Director of the Studies on Latinos in the United States Program, said the colloquium seeks to foster multiple and interconnecting approaches on Latin American and Caribbean migrations as socio-cultural phenomenon.

The three main themes will be: the processes of migration of Latin Americans to the United States, from a historical viewpoint; the intersections of language, literature and Latino identity; and the perspectives of theatre and the visual arts by Latinos in the United States.