Nominees to Cuba’s 2011 Cubadisco Awards Announced

Some of the up-and-comers are the band Qva Libre, included in the categories of Fusion and Video Clip; and singer songwriter Ray Fernandez, whose debut CD is nominated for the Best Record Award.

Benemelis Duran also pointed out that great part of the nominated records was produced out of Havana which makes the event far more interesting. Two awarding ceremonies will take place simultaneously, one at the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Park in Santiago de Cuba and the other one at the Karl Marx Theater in Havana where special and honor awards will be delivered.

The Cubadisco Fair, taking place for the first time outside of Havana, will be dedicated this year to Son music players of the world and to Santiago de Cuba; for such reason one of the highlights of the event will be a 24-hour Son concert to be staged in every province of the country by the best Son groups of the island.

This will be the third edition of the longest son concert of the world in Cuba.