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Some examples:

Yoruba Andabo – El Callejón de los Rumberos This CD provides superb examples of Cuba's glorious Santeria heritage with bata drumming and singing as well as bembe drums and guiros underpinning the dances of the saints/orishas. Yoruba Andabo transport their audience directly to the Cuban streets, squares, plantations and forests where the African cultures took root in Cuba. This 13 track CD also introduces their new rumba rhythm known as Guarapachanguero. £10 + p&p

Obsesion – Un Monton de CosasEgrem 2001 CD Rap and Hip Hop Cubano Music from Obsesion.This was Obsesión's debut album in Cuba, nominated in the CubaDisco awards and recognised as a serious and unique force in the new generation of Cuban music, while all tracks were ranked in the top ten popular lists of national radio stations. It really shows off their range of musicality – combining the rich heritage of Afro-Cuban percussive rhythms and call-and-response singing plus modern influences of socially conscious US hip hop and sweet Rn'B – earning the title: ‘a whole load of stuff' (loosely translated). £10 + p&p

Sons of Cuba DVD Hailed by critics, Andrew Lang's powerful and moving documentary is a stunning insight behind the scenes into the lives of a group of young boys in Havana; amateur boxers training to become champions. Includes extra short films: Miami's Cuban Boxers with Aaron Brown, a film about the Cuban premiere in Havana, interviews with the director. Dir. Andrew Lang, 2010, UK/Cuba, 89 minutes, PAL DVD9 All Regions, Spanish with English subtitles Mr Bongo films, 2010. £15 + p&p