Cubadisco 2011 in May to be dedicated to Son and Santiago

Nerys Montoya, specialist of the Miguel Matamoros Music Provincial Centre and member of the organizing committee, explained that the city is intensely making preparations for the event, in order to praise Cuban cultural values and to promote the traditional rhythms.

During the creation of the "longest Son in the world", there will be on show the broad range of Cuban sounds, when every genre will be represented.

In the 14 days sound marathon, throughout the country, sucu-sucu, changüí, nengón and kiribá will be heard.

Theatres, squares, night clubs and popular streets, used to the rhythmic dance of the people of Santiago, will host the main shows and concerts of the festival, from 14 until 22 May.

The future of the Cuban music industry will be discussed, which each year increases its artistic rigor and increases its recognition in world stages .

Likewise, CubaDisco will change the shape of the city, including the unveiling of a sculpture of Miguel Matamoros and a monument to the tres in bronze, stated Montoya.

There will alos be an interpretation competition for tres, piano and improvisation.