Cuban musicians Leo Brouwer and Chucho Valdes win Latin Grammy Awards

This is the first Latin Grammy award ever granted to Brouwer and in this case he won it with his CD ‘Integral cuartetos de cuerda' in the category of Best Album of Classical Music.

Meanwhile, Chucho Valdes took home his seventh Latin Grammy. This year the award was shared with Spanish singer Concha Buika for their album ‘El ultimo trago', recorded in Havana in 2009, in the category of Best Tropical Album.

Produced by the General Society of Authors and Editors of Spain, Brouwer's CD features Cuarteto de cuerdas de La Habana (String Quartet of Havana) and it was recorded at the El Jardinito de Cabra Theater and the Great Theater of the southern Andalusian city of Cordoba.

Brouwer has been labeled by critics as one of the world's top five living guitarists. The album was recorded to mark the musician's 70th birthday.

Chucho Valdes' album, also nominated to the Best Recording of the Year category, was produced by Spanish guitarist Javier Limon, and it is dedicated to Mexican Chavela Vargas' nine-decade career.

The album has 13 classics by Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Agustin Lara and Armando Tejada Gemez, among other renowned composers. The cover of the album features a drawing by Cuban plastics artist Eduardo Roca (Choco).

Regarding Buika, who made her debut in 2005, this is her first Latin Grammy award. In a visit to Havana, the Spanish singer had reportedly said recording the album with Valdes in Havana had been a utopia for her, but it finally materialized.

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Other Cubans nominated were singer Silvio Rodríguez ("Segunda Cita"); the Septeto Habanero ("90 Años: Orgullo de los Soneros"); the Sierra Maestra group ("Sonando Ya"); Edesio Alejandro ("100 Sones Cubanos") and composer Descemer Bueno ("Cuando Me Enamoro.")

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