The Cuban National anthem and the National Day of Culture

By May 8, 1868, Figueredo asked musician Manuel Muñoz Cedeño for the orchestration of this march, epic song differing from those hymns with sacred tones, hymn of war and victory which should call everyone to struggle and elevate their love for homeland. On June 11, 1868, Figueredo managed to present this hymn at the Iglesia Mayor de Bayamo. Figueredo added it lyrics fourteen months after the creation of its melody.

October 10 of 1868 witnessed the beginnings the Revolution and ten days after, on October 18, 1868, the conquest of Bayamo by the Liberating Army from the Cuban Republic in Arms, started, and on October 20, Bayamo was in hands of the insurgent forces. In the middle of the rebellious troops' joy and bustle, mixed with the euphoric multitude, together with Carlos Manuel de Cespedes and other patriots, Carlos Manuel took a piece of paper and a pen from his pocket and crossing a leg over his mount, wrote the lyric, which was later on reproduced from hand to hand and sung for the first time by everybody there.

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