View short film 'Haiti Volverá ' by Chucho Valdes & Roberto Chile

Click here for link to view video on YouTube

The eight-minute film shows the cruel reality of the Haitian people after the devastating earthquake of January this year. It was premiered in July at the Cuban national TV show The Round Table, thanks to the support of the UN´s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The artistic material contained in the video (music and images) respond to a call made by FAO to support the recovery of the Caribbean sister nation.

Haiti Volverá is undoubtedly a moving piece that seeks to rmind people in the world to not forget the situation through which millions of Haitians-including children and elderly- are undergoing, lacking the most basic needs like housing, clean water and power.

The documentary, however, shows the increasing will of the Haitian people who have look at the future with hope, and strive to recover the dried land even though they continue to live in a huge camp that is today the capital of the country, Port-au-Prince.

ACN via Cubarte