Review of Havana Cultura New Cuba Sound – the album

Known for his ability to ‘join the dots' across a wide range of quality music, Gilles is no novice to the kind of musical exploration so familiar in Cuba. He manages to gather a strong line up, with Doble Filo and the rootsy Ogguere representing the best of Cuban hip hop, a joyous homage to Beny More from Gente de Zona, Yusa's simple and affecting songwriting, a smoky duet between Kumar and Telmary and the stunning voice of Danay being the highlights of CD1.

Along with this musical journey, we are treated to a descarga style session from a brilliant all Cuban band, gathered especially for this project . Unlike many US ‘tourist' recordings of the 1950s where musicians were rounded up to run lazily through Cuban clichés, this is a tightly arranged and well played set directed by an adventurous and confident Roberto Fonseca whose own playing matches and often improves upon his recent solo offerings.

The band reflect Gilles' own eclectic tastes by revitalising latin jazz standards, classic descarga, rumba and hip hop and even take on afrobeat with an energetic version of Fela Kuti's Roforofo Fight. Both Peterson and Fonseca ensure that there is a continuity to this CD, which will delight fans of Cuban music both old and new. Join the club. Dave Willetts – published in CubaSi Winter 10

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