Fiesta del Fuego to open in Santiago de Cuba 3-9 July – 18 countries of the Caribbean represented

The festival will take place in more than 40 public spaces in the city and more than 30 big shows. There will be spaces for theoretical debate and for all forms of artistic expression. Important moments will be the inaugural gala 3 July at the Heredia theatre, and the much anticipated Desfile de la Serpiente (parade of the serpent) 5 July and the closing event with Quema del Diablo (burning the devil) 9 July.

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The International Conference 'El Caribe que nos une', a conference within the 30th Fiesta del Fuego in Santiago de Cuba, will highlight regional popular culture, tradition and intelligence versus academics.

The July 4-8 Conference, to run within the Caribbean Fiesta opening July 3, will discuss geographic and cultural challenges for the Basin, identity and roots, along Caribbean history, philosophy, economics, globalization and its effects on the region.

Kenia Dorta, coordinator of the 2010 Fiesta, told the Cuban News Agency (AIN-ACN) the event will be dedicated this year to Curacao and the Brazilian state of Pernambuco.

The celebration will also involve workshops on religion, traditional and holistic medicine, music and oral narration, society and gender, and the Poetry Meeting.

Prestigious institutions like the Center for Research on Africa and the Middle East and Casa de las Americas, both in Havana, and Santiago's Casa del Caribe will sponsor the event.

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