Cuban researcher receives the 'Green Nobel'

Humberto Rios Labrada is an expert on biodiversity research with the Cuban National Institute of Agricultural Sciences and he has been working with nearly 50,000 Cuban farmers. His campaign involves choosing the crops and seed varieties best for their lands and educating farmers on how to grow strong healthy crops with less dependence on farm chemicals.

He has also been lecturing across Cuba on how to mix seed combinations to improve yields and quality, techniques that have helped produce bigger beans, tastier squash, heartier rice and better varieties of other crops across the country.

The six Goldman 2010 recipients were announced last April by an international jury that chose the winners among candidates from six regions worldwide. Winners received $150,000 at a ceremony in San Francisco on Monday night.

The prize has been awarded to 139 people from 79 countries since philanthropist Richard Goldman and his late wife Rhoda created it in 1990.

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