Young Writers vs. Anti-Cuban Manifesto

This organization, which is branch of the National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC), groups practically all Cuban young artists and academics from diverse fields, and promotes their work, including those with amateur status. "We reject all colonial maneuvers. It is disgusting that this so-called 'Platform' is presented to the world in such a gross manner and under an apparent cultural coverage," the document underlines.

In the declaration issued in Havana under the slogan "Cuba Is Not Alone," the AHS flatly rejects in particular the ploy included in the platform of "supporting the Cuban people to reach democracy as soon as possible."

The platform promoters -the AHS denounces- disqualify and brand our social and political model as "totalitarian," ignoring that what they call a "fierce and distressing dictatorship" recently received a strong support from all generations of Cubans during the People's Power elections and the mass rallies throughout the Island on occasion of May Day celebrations."

The AHS Declaration points out that the few promoters of the platform who attended the news conference where they made it public showed clearly the intent of that media show, when repeatedly referred to the Sixth European Union-Latin American and the Caribbean Summit next week in Madrid.

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Prominent Intellectuals Censure Anti-Cuban Campaign

Two prominent Cuban intellectuals, poet Roberto Fernandez Retamar and filmmaker Alfredo Guevara, have censured the dark motivations of an anti-Cuban campaign, now intensified from Madrid, Spain.

Fernandez Retamar, president of the internationally renowned institution Casa de las Americas, said that "the colonizing Spain, oppressor of the Hispanic-American nations during so many years, is the one now against a historical experience, so profound and original, as the Cuban Revolution".

The National Literature Award winner referred to the recently launched Platform of Spaniards for the Democratization of Cuba, which has clear meddling pretensions, he stressed.

"Itâ�Ös that Spain that has been hurting us for so long, the one that manifests itself through new and old spokespeople against such a genuine process like ours," the famous poet said in statements to Prensa Latina.

For his part, Guevara who is the president of the Havana Latin American Film Festival, has called the current hardening of the media campaign against Cuba "a timely intense and well calculated disinformation and distorting operation,"

He points out that this campaign coming out now from Madrid started just days before the 6th Summit of Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean, "and it's part of a psychological warfare intended to isolate and force to their knees those who have conquered independence and exercise their sovereignty," he emphasizes.

In a message to all Latin American moviemakers and film lovers from throughout the world, Guevara says that this calculated disinformation needs to be countered through spreading the truth.

Its of paramount importance to restore truth, and censure the hidden motivations and dark tones of "a string of lies, slanders, falsifications and fascist and neo-colonial pretensions", the respectable filmmaker underlines.

Prensa Latina