LGBT community festival in Cuba: TRANS IN CUBA 27-29 November

The central theme of the festival is sexual diversity and AIDS prevention. During the day, workshops, debates, exhibitions, and a café litéraire will be held. Each night their will be the Espectáculo, a show featuring well-known Cuban artists like Rosita Formes and Lourdes Torres. The main event in the Espectáculo is the concurso de transformistas, a contest for trans-artists in which everyone invited and encouraged to participate.

Trans Cuba is actively encouraging foreign visitors to go to the festival and get to know Cuba's LGBT community and “as such support our fight for equal rights.” They are also inviting foreign guests to compete in the concurso de transformistas.

If you are interested please contact or asap. Free transport will be available during the festival, and festival organisers will also assist in finding appropriate accommodation. Any additional information can also be received by contacting the festival organisers at the above email addresses.