Cuba50 in all its glory at Victoria Park

From Cuba's east came the all-male Changüi Guantanamo, bird-calling and güiro-scraping in their matching shirts. Masters of rural changüi music, a languid yet upbeat style featuring bongos, tres guitar and the marimbula bass-box, they sang of the countryside and improvised a couple of solos.

Dancing is as much as part of changüi as anything else; the group's very own dance duo slid, shimmied and twirled in harmony with the flamenco-flecked tres and bongosero Andrés Fisto Cobas's sinewy percussion.

A sea of paper Cuba50 flags underlined that this was a mini-event, belonging to and yet separate from the free, family-friendly Paradise Gardens festival transforming the rest of Victoria Park.

Cuba50 tips its flat cap to the music nurtured by the island's half-century-old revolution; the legendary Orquestra Aragon, however, are in their 70th year and still rolling like a well-oiled machine. Here was salsa, charanga, cha-cha-cha … And down in the crowd, all four members of Changüi Guantanamo dancing and shaking maracas.