Cuban 'Corazon Adentro' Cultural Mission Expands in Venezuela

The first 50 creators enlarging the Mission left on Monday for the homeland of patriot Simon Bolivar. They will continue the humane task of bringing art to the most isolated communities and of favouring exchanges between the two cultures, an experience that has been well received by the Venezuelan people.

The head of the Cuban Music Institute's Department for International Relations, Alejandro Guma, told ACN that the rest of the artists will travel on February 1, 7, 12 and 24, and will immediately incorporate themselves into community work in different Venezuelan regions.

This new stage of "Corazon Adentro" includes musicians, theatrical performers, dancers, art instructors, and visual artists -some of them returning after their vacation and others making their dream of bringing spirituality to humble people come true for the first time.

During its first period (from April through December 2008) "Corazon Adentro" incorporated over 500 Cuban artists, mainly in the so-called Hills of Caracas, suburbs where no artistic expression was ever known before.

Guma stated that, on this occasion, more than twice the amount of creators will join the project, with the prospect of carrying messages of encouragement and hope, developing a general culture, obtaining a positive feedback of knowledge, and carrying out one of the programs of the Bolivarian Alternative for The Americas (ALBA).