Publication of Che:A Graphic Biography

A Graphic Biography

By Spain Rodriguez

Edited by Paul Buhle

"I don't recall ever seeing anything by him that I didn't eagerly devour and find entirely rewarding. Spain has been one of my "art heroes" since the day I first saw his work." – Robert Crumb

"Spain's take on Che is brilliant and radical." – Art Spiegelman

"Spain is one of the true giants of the comics medium. He is a singular artist; his work is unmistakable." – Joe Sacco, author of Palestine

  • In anticipation of the fiftieth anniversary of the Cuban Revolution on 1st January, 2009, Verso presents Spain Rodriguez's spectacular graphic biography of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the most iconic revolutionary figure of the twentieth century.
  • The publication of Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis and Joe Sacco's Palestine has seen a massive rise in interest in the graphic novel form. Spain Rodriguez's Che: A Graphic Biography marks a timely renewal of our culture's enduring interest in Ernesto "Che" Guevara and will present a fascinating counterpoint to Soderbergh's Che epic.
  • Rodriguez's radical imagery breathes new life into Che's story and struggle, spanning his motorcycle journey through Latin America, his rise to prominence as a leader in Castro's revolutionary movement, his travels in Africa, and the activism and insurgency that led to his death in Bolivia.
  • Che's ever-expanding symbolic presence is encapsulated in this graphic biography, connecting his life with his cult image. Rodriguez playfully reworks the more popular of Che's images, but also presents a fresh perspective on Che's story with his simple yet stylized artwork.
  • Che: A Graphic Biography is a page turner, with Rodriguez's sharp, crisp black shadows and hard-edged black outlines providing the perfect frame for Che's compelling story.
  • Over the years, Che's ubiquitous image has been employed as both a concrete symbol of revolution, and as a vague token of rebellion. In their fascinating afterword, Paul Buhle and Sarah Seidman explore the image and reality of Che, from the celebrated Korda photo to his appropriation by the student-led New Left.
  • Renowned as an "underground comic pioneer" (Time), Spain Rodriguez has won praise from critics across the globe. Famous for his unique artistry, he regularly contributes to LA Weekly and Blab! Magazine. His previous graphic novel, Nightmare Alley, was highly lauded by Time.
  • Verso is working in conjunction with a number of partners to mark the 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution:

Curzon Soho is planning a special 1st January screening of both parts of Steven Soderbergh's two-part Che epic. The first film is due for general release on the 2nd of January.


– Magnum Photos is hosting a unique exhibition of 50 years of photographic images from Cuba.


– Cult t-shirt company, Philosophy Football, will be issuing special Che and Cuba t-shirts and memorabilia.


VERSO is the most influential radical publisher in the UK and US, now in its 38th year. It grew out of the celebrated journal New Left Review and has published many of the major figures on the left, including Tariq Ali, Eric Hobsbawm, John Pilger, Benedict Anderson, Ellen Meiksins Wood, Terry Eagleton and Jacques Derrida.

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AUTHOR: Manuel "Spain" Rodriguez is one of the best-known artists in the comix underground. He (along with Robert Crumb) was one of the original members of Zap Comics and has a reputation as an outstanding political artist. He is the author of several other graphic novels, including the highly acclaimed Nightmare Alley. His work is prominently featured in BLAB!, an annual comic anthology that has also featured Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, and Chris Ware.

Paul Buhle is a senior lecturer of American civilization at Brown University, Providence. He writes for Tikkun and CNS among others, and has a long history of political and cultural journalism. His most recent title, Wobblies!, is a graphic novel history of the Industrial Workers of the World.

  • Title: Che: A Graphic Biography
  • Author: Spain Rodriguez (edited by Paul Buhle)
  • Publication: 3rd November 2008
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978 1 84467 168 7
  • Price: £9.99
  • Extent: 120 pages

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