First Glimpse of Che film trailer

Link to Soderburgh's Che film trailer

The double bill is comprised of two films – Che Part One which will be released January 01, 2009 and Che Part Two which will be released February 20, 2009. The first part follows the Argentinian doctor's role in the Cuban revolution during which he became Fidel Castro's chief lieutenant. The second part follows Guevara to Bolivia where he attempted to spread the revolution but was captured and killed in 1967.

Del Toro, who starred in and co-produced the film, said: "The process of playing Che was very different for me than other movies I have made. In this case, as a real person, you start with the man himself and what he wrote. This led us to seven years of research into what other people wrote about him. Even so, I always returned to what he had written himself."

Co-producer Laura Bickford said: "He's clearly an image of youthful rebellion and idealism and I think those two things are eternal, timeless. We aren't interested in the current politics in Cuba. We're filmmakers making a movie about a specific period of time seen from Che's point of view."

Che Part One released in January 2009 and Che Part Two released in February 2009.