Soy Cuba gallery to bring Jose Fuster to London

Fuster's paintings have a joyously naïve, primitive style that reflect the landscape and daily life of his native country.

Symbols from Caribbean religions with African roots rub shoulders with the depictions of family outings by donkey.

Café groups jostle with images from the Cuban mountains. No wonder that this life-affirming artist has pieces in collections across Europe, The States and Latin America.

One of his most remarkable creations is architectural. Fuster has turned over 60 buildings in the neighbourhood of Jaimanitas into gloriously Gaudi-esque marvels bedecked with colourful, fantastical, ceramic features. He funds this by the sale of his art.

This exhibition is organised by Soy Cuba Contemporary Cuban Art.

Soy Cuba was formed in March 2007 to raise awareness of Cuban artists and to promote Cuban contemporary art in the United Kingdom. The gallery only works with Cuban nationals living permanently in Cuba, and aims to allow them to open new horizons overseas that were in the past close to them.

Soy Cuba sets out to redress the balance by allowing Cuban artists to show, as well in the gallery, in prestigious venues and fairs. Some of the gallery's artists are subtly reactionary, others strongly religious, others atheist 100%, in all they represent the Cuba of today. Their colourful works are representative of the intense passion that characterises Cuban people.

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