Cuba pays homage to Guantanamera Author

In statements to ACN, Gisela Braña, director of the Community Cultural Center in the Centro Havana municipality, announced the XVII Festival of Popular Music Joseito Fernandez to run from September 3 to the 5 in the Lecuona Hall in the Great Theater of Havana.

In this event, a competitive one, 20 finalists will be chosen and soloist and musical bands will perform. During these three days in the block where Joseito lived over 50 years, located in Gervasio entre Estrella y Maloja, a museum nowadays, will take place talks with friends and neighbors and also several bands and sextets who play the same king of music that Joseito did.

Braña also announced that the Institute of History next September 3 will host a theoretical course delivered by Major Raul Martinez, from Music Museum, among other activities to honor the famous artist.

Guajira Guantanamera is a symbol of Cuba, one of the most widely known melodies and about the greatest number of versions has been made.

Joseíto Fernández, a prolific composer and performer, created the song in 1928 and according to the artist "it is a melody to sing in ten-verse stanzas, for the singer to say everything that he feels, can tell his tragedy, and everybody's else…"