Organic Honey Production increases in Cuba

A notable increase in the production of organic honey was reported by co-ops in the easternmost province of Guantanamo, which have nearly doubled projected production amounts for this time of year.

More than 40 tons of environmentally friendly, organic honey -in high demand in the international market- was produced. The increase in the production was achieved thanks to good weather conditions with perfect temperatures and rains that favored fields in the municipalities of Guantanamo, San Antonio del Sur and Imias.

The increase in the output goes hand in hand with a rise in the quality of the organic honey.

A representative of the Agricultura de Montaña group, Fernando Trenzado, told ACN that before the end of this year, 2008, more than 100 tons of ecological honey are expected to be> collected in Guanatanamo, the first province in the country to produce it.

In Cuba, the production of honey under the agro-ecological system meets all international norms that require nectar sources to be in fields where fertilizers are not used.

The most important markets for the export of ecological honey are Canada, Japan and Europe.