Cubadisco 2008 International Music Fair Inaugurated in Havana

The Cubadisco 2008 international music fair was officially inaugurated on Sunday evening at the Amadeo Roldan Theater in Havana with a concert by the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestros Roberto Valera and Enrique Perez Mesa.

Maestro Frank Fernandez, young guitarist Luis Manuel Molina, percussionist Ruy Adrian Lopez-Nusa and world renowned group Los Papines also participated in the official inauguration of the event that is being attended by delegations from 27 countries.

Present in the concert were Culture Minister Abel Prieto and the President of the Cuban National assembly (Parliament), Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada.

During the inauguration, an honorary award was granted to Cuban ethnologist Rogelio Martinez Fure for his contribution to Cuban culture for more than 40 years.

Over a dozen culture ministers and deputy ministers also attended the concert as well as researches, ethnologists, music and dance groups from Africa and personalities from the Caribbean region.