Actor Mario Balmaseda wins Cuban National Film Award 2021

Mario Balmaseda wins Cuban National Film Award 2021. Image by Javier González Borbolla, CubaCine

In March, it was reported that the 2021 Cuban National Film Award is to be given to the actor Mario Balmaseda (Havana, 1941), who stands out for his versatility and career in cinema, theatre and television.
Balmaseda studied Drama at the National Theatre of Cuba and in what was the GDR (East Germany). As an actor, he has had a long and prolific career, with an extensive filmography that includes: ‘El hombre de Maisinicú’ (Manuel Pérez Paredes, 1973), ‘In a certain way’ (Sara Gómez, 1974), ‘El brigadista’ (Octavio Cortázar, 1977), ‘Se Permuta’ (Juan Carlos Tabío, 1984), ‘En tres y dos’ (Rolando Díaz, 1985), ‘Baraguá’ (José Massip, 1986), ‘La inutil muerte de mi socio Manolo’ (Julio García Espinosa, 1990), ‘Between cyclones’ (Enrique Colina, 2002 ) and ‘The work of the century’ (Carlos M. Quintela, 2015).
In addition, the versatile actor won the National Theatre Award in 2006 and the National Television Award in 2019.
The jury was chaired by the screenwriter Senel Paz (National Film Award winner 2020) and composed of the actor Paula Alí, the producer Lourdes García, the director of photography Raúl Rodríguez (National Film Award 2017), the musician Ulises Hernández, the director Enrique “Kiki” Álvarez and the film critic Carlos Galiano.
“Mario Balmaseda has done a lot for Cuban culture in general, as he is not only an excellent film actor, but also a theatre and TV actor. We are very proud for having made this choice, ”said Paula Ali.
This most important film award granted in Cuba was instituted in 2003 and has recognized figures such as Alfredo Guevara, Julio García Espinosa, Humberto Solás, Enrique Pineda Barnet, Daisy Granados and Eslinda Núñez.

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