Cuban feature film 'Last Days in Havana' to be screened in Brighton this September

13.00 Sunday 10 September in Brighton

Winner of the Havana Latin American Film Festival Special Jury Award and Best Soundtrack in 2016

Director Fernando Perez, ICAIC Cuba/Spain, 2016

"A tragicomedy that tackles the subject of friendship in a city on the verge of substantial change. The lead characters are two friends in their mid-forties who are neighbours from the Centro Habana neighbourhood: Miguel – a dishwasher in a restaurant, who dreams of settling in New York while he waits for a visa that never seems to arrive – and Diego, a homosexual man suffering from AIDS who puts his dreams and cheerfulness to good use in his struggle to carry on enjoying every single day of his life from a rickety old bed in his small bedroom. This peculiar pair are surrounded by characters from all walks of life."

Venue: Duke of Yorks PictureHouse, Preston Circus, Brighton BN1 4NA

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