Cuba develops new Videogame the Restless Neurone

This initiative, which began its production stage in March 2016, offers 2 formats of the game with various sections which respond to the rules of the original contest such has ‘Identify it' or ‘Trivia and Fibula', explained Taimi Tovar Oropesa, general director of the project.

The product is appropriate for over 12s and its use will be free for users, who will count with more than 200 questions to resond in a game with a beginning and end, he confirmed.La Neurona will become the 8th video game which the ICAIC animation studios produce with author rights such as the background music composed by Ariadne Amador.

One of the novelties which the organisers emphasized is that this is the first of its type completely made in Cuba which has its own web page through which the users will be informed about the updates, manuals and other offers.

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