TEDx and the future of Cuba

The Teatro Nacional will provide its Avellaneda hall on November 14, 2015, from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm for the 17 lecturers to offer their 10-minutes talks on sustainability, music, plastic arts, sciences, entrepreneurship and diversity.

Those attending the TED events have in common that they are futurist persons, they are moved by the welfare of the planet, for passing on a better world to the new generations and assume the modernity without forgetting the human essence.

And this is the kind of motivation that has called to personalities like Bruce Duncan who will arrive from United States to present the robot Bina 48, result of one of the most prominent researches on artificial intelligence, carried out by Martine Rothblatt.

This is the first time that a robot will give a talk at TED, two of the organizers of the event in Cuba told: singer Cucu Diamante and the Venezuelan music producer Andrés Levin who along with the Cuban actor and filmmaker Jorge Perugorría, and with the support of the Ministry of Culture, all they have moved the threads to carry out this event that intends to grow.

Also, two Cuban projects with will be included in TEDx with themes related to video gaming and the digital networks in Cuba and the use of technologies according to the knowledge.

The rest of the initiatives are also attractive, Cucu y Andrés explained, although they should be improved regarding to its power of communication since it is about to reach the public and those people who will enjoy the digital platform, in which the videos are hanged.

That international reach allows people from any region of the world to know about the interesting things we are doing in Cuba. Some lecturers include researcher Manuel Raíces, one of the creators of the Heberprot-P, the scientist, agricultor and entrepeneur Fernando Funes who manages an agroecological sustainable project in the Cuban project of Artemisa, the multi-instrumentalist Alain Perez, the surgeon and oncologist Gustavo Fleites. Amaury Perez will be the presenter once again.

Although this year's program is slightly more complete compared to 2014, the day will be divided into three sessions with over 10-minutes 5 or 6 interventions. The event will provide performances like those presented last year by repentistas Luis Paz and Tomasita Quiala. The event will close with a concert at the Salón Rosado de la Tropical, which will bring together world-class artists of the stature of Alain Pérez, Nube Roja, Cucu Diamante & Osain del Monte, while the robot Bina48 will act as a DJ.

But things related to TEDx are already taking place in Cuba. With the arrival of foreign personalities during these days, the event seems to come ahead of time. The Spanish curator Chus Martínez, the Brazilian artist Vik Muñiz and even Bina48 walk down the streets of Havana city.

"This event may contribute to teach the value of creativity, Cucu told to the press. Meanwhile, Andre Levin noted that thanks to TED, they have met great persons. "We try that their ideas extend or motivate others around the world: I wish it grows in such a way that it has wide platforms grouped by themes. In this case, we would have platforms on plastic arts, science, music…"

From Kenia to Columbia, from Irak to Korea, in poor neighborhoods, in schools, jails, theater, people get together everyday to listen to the best ideas, which emerge from their communities, in these events that have extended over 130 countries in the TEDx versions (independent) starting from that one carried out three decades ago with its main venue in US.

Cuba is willing to take advantage of this space for creativity and progress. The entrance is free like those ideas useful to create in favor of the welfare.

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