Havana/Glasgow Film Festival 31 October – 8 November 2015

Here are the main cinema events:

Monday 2 NovemberMaster class at Caledonian University with talk by Hugo Rivalta, Cuban film and TV writer Tuesday 3 November Film 'La Pelicula de Ana' (Dir. Daniel Diaz Torres 2013)Comedy. The story of Ana, an unlucky Cuban actor who turns to prostitution. When she dares to participate in a pseudo-documentary as one of its protagonists, her adventures begin.

Thursday 5 NovemberUK premiere 'Conducta' (Dir. Ernesto Daranas 2014) Aging teacher Carmela who has a special heart for pupils from broken families, is challenged by the headmaster for this. The poor 12 year old Chala and Yeni, with whom he is infatuated, both have serious trouble at home. Not only do the long lines outside the main movie theatres in Cuba attest to the interest generated but it has also spurred discussion and debate around the educational system in general. Brilliant performances and beautiful camera work combine to make this unembellished look into contemporary Cuba the most notable film since Fernando Perez's Suite Habana in 2003.The film won best picture at Havana film festival last December.

Friday 6 November 11am at the GFT with Glasgow Art School. Talk on history of Cuban cinema, with Hugo Rivalta. 7pm music documentary 'Mi Dicen Cuba' followed by two music videos of Los Van Van and talk by Cuban director Alejandro Valera whose most recent Van Van video has been nominated for a Latin Grammy. Saturday 7 November 11.45am Documentary 'Never Ever Never Land' (Dir. Marina Ochoa 2014) Sensitively traces and the exodus of more than 14,000 Cuban children who travelled alone to the United States between 1960 and 1962 in Operation Peter Pan.

3.00pm UK Premiere 'La Pared de las Palabras' (Dir. Fernando Perez Valdes 2014)The story of a family that falls apart when one of the siblings becomes disabled, it is not a film about people with disabilities but about the deep paths of human communication. Followed by Q & A with director Fernando Perez.

7.45pm Glasgow film night with discussion. 'In Cuba They're Still Dancing' followed by 'Red Skirts on Clydeside' tbc Q&A afterwards with Cuban and Glaswegian film makers and trade unionists. Sunday 8 November2.00pm ‘Day of the Flowers' followed by Q&A with the writer, Eirene Houston and Cuban film makers, Hugo Rivalta and Alejandro Valera who will talk about Cuban response to the film.4.15pm History of Cuban cinema with Hugo Rivalta at Gilmore Hill. 6.15pm UK premiere of 'Boccaccerias Habaneras' Q&A with the film's editor Alejandro Valera.

For full and up to date programme see http://www.hgfilmfest.com/