Cuba es Moda: Cuba’s first fashion trade fair

The country's first fashion trade fair – Cuba es Moda – was recently held in Havana. Its aim: to foment opportunities which contribute to diversifying the presence of textiles, footwear, cosmetics and various other products on the national market.

Organized by the Palco Business Group, the Light Industry ministerial division, and Cuba's Chamber of Commerce, the event brought together businesspeople from the island, Italy, Spain and other nations in the Pabexpo exposition space, in the east of the capital.

Cuba es Moda is the first step toward fomenting commercial relations with countries – which are today references of the global fashion industry – in order to promote development in this sector, stated Palco President Abraham Maciques, to AIN.

He noted that the Italian Association of Businesswomen – in particular its president Franca Audissio – played an key role in the organization of this first fashion event in Cuba, while noting Audissio's express confidence in the potential of Cuba's fashion industry.

He also highlighted the need to strengthen ties, learn from and search for new business opportunities with Italy – one of the island's principal trade partners and emissaries of tourists, and a global reference of the fashion industry, producing high quality items – which could stimulate the development of this sector in Cuba.

On inaugurating the event, Carmine Robustelli, Italian ambassador to Cuba, expressed her country's interest and long term commitment to being one of the chief contributors to the development of this sector of the national economy.

Speaking in the presence of Cuban officials, the diplomat noted Italy's willingness to support the island in this endeavor.

Also exhibiting at the fair were nine entities from Cuba's light industry, dedicated to the production and sale of textiles, leather goods, footwear and beauty and hygiene products, in order to promote business opportunities, noted sector director, Mario López.

Participants were also presented with a varied portfolio of projects open to foreign capital and geared toward diversifying production in this sector, stated the Light Industry Group's technical director.

The more than 3,000 square foot exposition space was also the site of seminars, workshops, runway shows and presentations of products and services, all aimed at promoting new commercial agreements and identifying potential partners.

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