Cuban Haitian descendant presented in Cuba with Living Heritage Award

Director of the Office for Cultural Heritage of the Historic Center of this capital, Mabel Aladro Ruiz, said the granting of this award began in May, 2011, to safeguard and preserve for years the values of elements that are part of the people's cultural heritage.

She highlighted the dedication of Lubens Yilien, who has devoted an important part of her life to teach and spread the Haitian cultural heritage in Cuba and be a bearer of a deeply-rooted sense of possession of the people's traditional culture of Haiti, as something that represents the Caribbean people.

She also highlighted that Lubens Yilien has passed on to several generations in different national places and abroad, through the group, bearer of the Haitian culture, the beauty and the cultural values related to the autochthonous expressions of the French speaking Caribbean, as the Creole language, the Haitian music and dances.

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