Young Artists Congress begins in Cuba

The discussion follows a conference regarding the implementation of guidelines for updating the economic model in Cuba, which affect all sectors of society, including art.

The event is aimed at considering Cuba from a cultural perspective, searching for ways to improve humanity at a time when economic sustainability is critical.

Luis Morlote, AHS´s President, said that among the challenges of the organization that brings together some 3,000 members is to provide a participation space for the best of art and support young people in their initial projects.

Rather than offering a limited look from the creative viewpoint, the Congress proposes a dialogue in nine working committees, dedicated to the different sectors that comprise the current Cuban experience.

The challenges of artistic creation, cultural policy, the role of young artists in the changes underway in Cuba, and the update of study plans are among the most frequently discussed topics.

Understanding culture in its most extended sense, the AHS wants to get involved in the building of national sensibilities beyond art, in such crucial fields as education.

Morlote stresses that the modes of production have changed, and artists must be constantly reconsidered as a useful group, giving important recognition to talent, and helping direct young artists.

The AHS was born from the convergence of the Nueva Trova movement and other youthful artistic trends, as a way of giving them representation before official institutions and ensuring spaces for expression.

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