Watch a trailer for the amazing show 'Feast' on in London now plus reviews

Read full Review in The Guardian including interview with the director.

"Feast examines the history of Yoruba, both as a people and a system of beliefs, from the ancient kingdom of Ife through the slave trade and Diasporas to Latin America, the Caribbean, the US and the UK: a journey that spans centuries. It takes as its through-line a focus on four Orishas (Yoruba deities): Oya (female warrior deity), Oshun (deity of rivers and love), Yemaya (the Divine Mother) and Eshu (also known as Elegba, the Messenger and the Trickster). We see these Orishas as characters in modern day London, in a prostitute's flat in Havana, in colonial Brazil, etc. The writers largely wrote from the perspectives of their respective countries.

Managing to get all four writers in the room at one time is a formidable feat in itself. The fact that they have come together across continents, separated by thousands of miles, to write a play together is an extraordinary testament to the team behind Feast. To make a project like this happen requires a belief in impossible things."

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