Re-opening of study of the work of Cuban playwright Virgilio Pinero

Important theater, literature, movie, dance and visual arts personalities, as well as thinkers, teachers and Cuban culture people, together with professors and students from our university, will join the work of the cathedra which will re-open its sessions on the coming Wednesday, December 12, at 2:00 p.m. in the Aula Magna from ISA.

For this occasion we have conceived a special program, which under the title of Virgilio permanece… (Virgilio remains…) aims to be a colloquium on different experiences around the creations by Piñera in current Cuban school, in what we have seen, read and published in our country, as well as abroad. That is why there will come together directors, authors, actors, editors, critics, researchers, promoters, musicians, designers; theater, dance, arts and culture people, as well as people from the teaching and social thinking environment.

The great artist and professor remains in our dialogue, the same we call once again to pay tribute to the play writer, poet, critic, writer; to the important man who was and still is Virgilio Piñera.

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